What's New in Urbics

FY 2014-15 Tax Data

December tax data for FY 2014-15 will be posted the week of January 26. Please see the "Schedule" link for specific counties. (01/20/2015).

LA County RDA updates

A number of RDA project areas that had been listed separately are now grouped with their respective RDAs. (06/20/2014).

2014-15 Rolls

The 2014-15 rolls are expected to begin posting in the last week of July. While many counties report their roll data earlier than that, utility roll properties will not be reported by the State Board of Equalization until some time after July 17. (06/20/2014).

Monterey County 2013-14 Roll Data

2013-14 roll data for Monterey County has been reposted to correct for missing parcels caused by a corrupted sourcefile provided by the county (11/4/2013). It was again reposted (1/30/2014) to correct for inconsistent formatting of parcel numbers in the sourcefile. (01/31/2014).

Fresno County Land Use

A change in the data provided by Fresno County led to some land use classifications not appearing on reports for FY 2012-13 and FY 2013-14. The reports have been corrected. (01/06/2014).


Spreadsheets are now provided as .csv files. While these are not formatted in the same manner as the previous .xls files, the data is identical. In addition, the .xls files had been generated in format that was incompatible with some current Excel versions. (10/25/2013)

Urbics Outage

Urbics was inaccessible this morning due to a DNS outage at Network Solutions. This service translates www.urbics.com into an IP address. Urbics servers are operating normally, they just cannot be accessed through the usual URL (they can be accessed through Status updates are available on Twitter @urbics. This is the second DNS outage affecting Urbics that Network Solutions has experienced in the past few months. We are looking at alternative providers. (10/22/2013)

Corrections to 2013-14 Reports

County reports for 2013-14 are being re-run this week to ensure that areas are reported with their full valuations. Cases were found in San Diego County where an existing tax rate coding was changed by the county to a new coding, but the new coding was not incorporated into reporting for areas, leading to an under-reporting of the valuation for those areas. San Diego reporting was re-run this past weekend along with reporting for Los Angeles, Riveride, San Bernardino and Alameda. Other counties will be re-run this week.(10/14/2013)

San Diego 2013-14 Roll

San Diego County roll data for 2013-14 has been taken offline temporarily. It will be reposted this weekend to update certain tax rate area codings. The data had shown some parcels in Chula Vista and Southwestern CCD, among others, as located outside of those areas based on changes in the tax rate area codings. (10/11/2013)

San Bernardino County Mid-Year Roll Changes

Urbics now carries mid-year roll corrections for San Bernardino County. These are adjustments to the July roll value made prior to issuance of the tax bills in October, and include exemptions that had not appeared on the July roll as well as temporary adjustments to valuations for economic reasons under Proposition 8. Reporting on roll changes for the 39 California counties that report them are found under the "Mid-Year AV Change" category. Reports include valuation changes since July as well as the top owners and land use breakdown using the changed valuations. (01/31/2013)