Credit Analytics for Property Tax-Backed Bonds

Urbics provides current data on the property tax base of muncipal issuers in California. Since 2005, our data has helped institutional investors, rating analysts, issuers and other market participants to evaluate and monitor property tax-backed bonds.

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What it does

Urbics organizes property assessment data around local governments, covering thousands of areas including cities, school districts, redevelopment agencies and special districts. This 'top-down' perspective allows users to drill down from an overview of a jurisdiction to detail on individual properties.

Urbics provides a wide range of reports for every jurisdiction. Standard reports include annual and historical valuations, largest owners, year-over-year growth, tax delinquencies, land use and other criteria.

Additional analytic tools include spreadsheet downloads, 'design-your-own' reporting areas and extensive search capabilities.

How it works

Subscriptions are available at three levels. The Comprehensive level provides full access to all areas across all sectors along with a full set of tools for a single annual fee. The Standard level provides access to all areas within a single sector along with a full set of tools for a single annual fee. The Basic level provides access to single reports for an area, with selected tools, and is priced at a low annual fee with a per-report charge.

Subscribers access the site and all reports from any browser.

The data comes directly from county sources and is processed in-house to ensure it is consistent and of high quality. Urbics draws on property data from all of the tax rolls to accurately reflect issuer's revenue base.

Who it's for

Institutional investors, portfolio managers and ratings analysts use the site to access current data on tax delinquencies, valuation growth and ownership concentration for any available jurisdiction.

Portfolio investors and financial advisors targetting a single sector compare credit characteristics of issuers in their sector. Issuers and their advisors obtain current reports to fulfill disclosure obligations.